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Journal of English for Academic (J-SHMIC) is English Study Program Journal of Teacher Training and Education Faculty at Islamic University of Riau. It publishes manuscripts in printed and online versions within the fields of English Language Teaching and learning, Applied Linguistics, and Literature. This biannual journal is issued in February and August. The journal is also registered in Google Scholar and Onesearch Perpusnas.

(p-ISSN: 2356-2404, e-ISSN:2541-1446)

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J – S H M I C

Journal of  English for Academic Volume 3, Number 2, August 2016


1. Correlation between theory of internal esteem need of Maslow’s Hierarchy and Speaking ability of the students at English Study Program FKIP-UIR Pekanbar

Erna Nawir 1 – 11

2. An Analysis Students’ Motivation in Reading ProcedureText at the First Grade of SMA N Rambah Samo

Evi Kasyulita & Desi Ratnasari 12 – 21

3. Improving Students’ Reading Comprehension of Descriptive Text through Cognitive Strategy

Fauzul Etfita 22 – 35

4. Using IEPC Strategy to Improve Students’ Reading Comprehension at Grade VIII.4 of SMP Negeri 3 Pekanbar

Liya Astarilla Dede Warman 36 – 46

5. The Relationship between Shyness and Motivation to Speak English of the First Year Students of English Study Program of FKIP UIR Pekanbaru

Marhamah 47 – 57

6. Correlation Inquiry between Structure Knowledge and Paragraphs Writing Performance

Samsul Amri 58- 69

7. A Study on Listening Skills and Perspectives to First Year Students at English Department of Academic Year 2015/2016

Sitti Hadijah

Shalawati 70 – 80

8. An Investigation of Thai Students’ English Language Problems and Their Learning Strategies at English Study Program of Teacher Training and Education Faculty of Riau Islamic University

Sri Wahyuni & Muhammad Ilyas 81 - 91

9. The Implementation of 2013 Curriculum at SMA Negeri 12 Pekanbaru

Sri Yuliani 92 – 103

10. Assessment and Evaluation for Learners in Multilingual Societies at Technical Civil Engineering Ekasakti University

Ungsi A.O.Marmai &Elda Martha Suri 104 – 117


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Vol 4, No 1 (2017): February

Table of Contents


An Analysis of Teachers’ Strategies in Conducting Speaking Assessments at MTSN Andalan Pekanbaru PDF
Andi Idayani, Rugaiyah Rugaiyah 1-14
Analysis of Unity and Coherence in Writing Scientific Essay at the Fifth Semester Students of English Department FKIP UNILAK 2016/2017 Academic Year. PDF
M Fadhly Farhy Abbas, Herdi Herdi 15-21
Classroom Management Difficulties of Practice Teaching Program Faced by English College Students PDF
Khulaifiyah khulaifiyah 22-39
Understanding Formative and Summative Assessment for EFL Teachers: Theoretical Reflections on Assessment for Learning. PDF
M Ridhwan 40-50
STAD : A Suitable Technique for Increasing Students’ Vocabulary Mastery PDF
Muhammad Ilyas 51-61
The Influence of Grammar and Vocabulary Mastery on Students’ Reading Comprehension at Language Development Center of UIN SUSKA RIAU PDF
Muharni Muharni 62-73
Improving Students’ Reading Comprehension through Peer-Assisted Learning Strategy (PALS) at Grade XI. C of MA Pondok Pesantren Daarun Nahdhah Thawalib Bangkinang (PPDN-TB) PDF
Nurkhairiyah Nurkhairiyah 74-82
Impact of Skype in Teaching Listening Comprehension PDF
Rugaiyah Rugaiyah 83-91
Developing Cooperative Learning Based Module for Teaching Reading to the Second Semester Students at English Department of FKIP UIR PDF
Safriyani Novitri 92-103
Listening Comprehension Hindrances of EFL (English Foreign Language) Learners on 2016/2017 in English Study Program of Universitas Islam Riau PDF
Sitti Hadijah, Shalawati Shalawati 104-114

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